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In this article, we want to understand what the darknet is, how to access that part of the Internet where you can buy and order literally everything. We will also tell you which main darknet market exists today.

How to enter the darknet and get on krmp cc

As you already understood, it’s impossible to get into the darknet just like that, all sites of this nature are blocked in ordinary browsers, as they violate the laws of the CIS countries, and in general, almost all countries of the world. Therefore, you will need a special browser, such as TOR, to enter. The program can be downloaded, it is freely available. Do not forget to enable VPN when searching for Tor and downloading the utility. When the program is downloaded, you need to install it and follow the correct link. To get to the KRAKEN, use the link k2web.cc or krmp cc.

How to register on KRAKEN

When you clicked on the link above, you will need to enter a captcha, it screens out bots and various types of robots. After you have entered the captcha correctly, you will be redirected to one of the mirrors, for example viqxacb7wo6l3hfujw3agf3stcce6eenl4kovfza3rzri4gwyxg6auid.com where you can register. To register, you need to come up with a username and password, as well as your own nickname. Of course, come up with a nickname that is not associated with your name or personal data, it is best that these data be abstract. It is worth noting that the nickname and login must be different. When all the data is entered, you will be able to enter the KRAKEN and make purchases.